Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Musings...

Last Friday my darling baby daughter, AKA Omnipotent Benevolent Empress on my comments, had a milestone Birthday...She turned 40! I KNOW I gave birth to her, but Good GOD 40!!!!???? I sure dont feel like I am old enough to have a daughter that old! She has taken up knitting, and felting, and now she is taking up spinning her own wool! She has been looking at spinning wheels, as she was using a drop spindle to spin with, and that takes forever. Bob is fascinated by her spinning, and being the sweetheart that he can be at times, He had me look it up on the internet, and when he knew which one she wanted, he ordered it for her for her Birthday. WOW!! She now is the proud owner of a Lendrum double treadle collapsable spinning wheel. And soon Bob will be the proud wearer of a pair of felted and hand knitted and hand spun Clogs!

LAst night I went to the store for cat food and kitter litter...the important items in this household. On the way there I drove the back road by the ferry landing and the spit, and saw that the parking areas were FULL of cars. THe salmon are running right now, It is a Humpy year, and there must have been over 100 cars in that tiny little spot, and as I drove by two fishermen were showing off their catches...each had two 10+ pounders! NICE FISH!!

I came home from the store along Ebby's Landing just as the sun was about to set, so Sadie and I pulled over and parked along the beach head and watched. It was so pretty! It was so peaceful too. I must have sat there for 30 minutes or so, just breathing in the salt air and listening to the waves wash up on the shore.

Autumn is on us wether we know it or not...the air is crisp and smells like Fall. THe leaves are already turning and drying out. When the wind blows, they rustle now where in the spring and summer they dont. We have not had much of a summer, but this week we are expecting warm days and cool nights. You all know how much I look forward to those COOL NIGHTS... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Did any of you watch the teen miss USA? Oh dear LORD!! We have GOT to do something about the education our teens are getting...go to YOU TUBE and check out the answer miss SOuth Carolina gave. THe question was...a percentage of our young people can not point out the USA on a world map. You will NOT believe her answer. Everybody needs to dig deep in your pocket and send that young lady a map of the world! THere is NO excuse for that, and people if you cant find the USA on a world map, then YOU TOO need to get one and study it hard! GADS!!

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