Friday, August 10, 2007

purrty huh?

My sister posted a picture of this afghan that she made for me,but she did not know how to turn it the right way, so for those of you like me, that get a crick in their neck looking sideways, I stole the picture and made it right side up. SO now she can steal it back and post it correctly. *tee hee)

Tomorrow I stuck my neck out and volunteered to work the Coupeville Arts and Crafts festival from 9-3. I will be sitting in the office answering phones and watching people. It is always fun to look at all the people that show up. THey are expecting over 20.000 people this weekend. So COupeville will be wall to wall with pottery, yarn goods, photo artists, leather toolers, kitsch makers, people with strollers, and people with dogs. (WHY do people take their dogs to things like that? THey just get stepped on)

I plan on taking quite a few pictures, so I should post them tomorrow. Continue keeping Ellen and Curtis in your thoughts, They are having a very rough time right now. Curtis made me cry with his last post. Sniff! It was so poignant!

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