Friday, August 24, 2007

wasting time

Ok, I have to admit it...I have been wasting time. I have been sitting at this computer for 6-8 hours a day, doing zigsaw puzzles! It is all Miss Leslie's fault. She mentioned she was doing some, so I checked it out and got hooked! I even went so far as to spend 19.99 on line to get the full version of 50 Lighthouses. Then I found another site that will allow you to play for 60 minutes free before it closes. I discovered a way to play all of those puzzles on the same 60 minutes of free time. I just dont click on finished, or show it in the gallery. I just use the back button which takes me back to the menu and the rest of the pictures. It even has a feature where you can create your own puzzles with your own pictures. You can make the pieces differnt sizes or you can cut them differently. It is ADDICTING!!

Spin Top Games is the site, and as long as you do not close it down (you can minimize) nor turn off your computer, or go off line, it will stay there. THe only problen is that spy ware has a ball with an open line, and slows the computer waaaay down. SO my high speed cable was slower than my CRAP dial=up. SO I turned off everything, defragged, and ran spy-aware, and pc cillin and now I am back running fine, but no more puzzles!! WAAAAHHHH

I MAY have to spend another 20 bucks just so I can make my own puzzles.

anybody know of any really cool puzzle sites that are free?

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