Sunday, August 12, 2007


I came home last night and was in horrible pain. Oh Yeah I told you that already. I woke up this morning, still in pain, but knew I had to get to the festival. I offered to take the 12-5 shift as they could not find anyone else. I have always wanted to get involved in the festival, since the days it first started. Well 44 years later, I did. Only I got there so late, I did not get to order a shirt. WAHHH!! I did get a coffee cup though.

I rushed out of the house this morning, and stopped to get a big cup of coffee, and stood in line for almost 20 minutes! GOD I HATE those ditzy blondes that come in and order mochas and lattes for their entire group. so there were three people in line, the ditz, an older lady with a bag of coffee and me. 25 Minutes folks!!! unreal.

I got back in the car and headed down to try to find parking. THe festival is on front street, which is on the water, and the rest of the town heads up a steep hill. and I Do mean steep. the vendors were all along Front Street and then up the Hill and then back up COveland. Quite a walk! I headed to where I was parked yesterday, and squeezed through the barricades, and then since there was no one else there, I drove on down to the off limits parking lot right in the middle of the vendors. It was for handicapped people, but no one knew that, so I parked right smack in front of the office, right by the potties, and crawled on in.

I do not have a handicapped sticker on my car, and I am trying like Hell to avoid being labeled, but I think if this keeps up, I will have to. I can not walk any distance at all any more. I miss it so much! Anyway, no one said a word, and when I told the president of the Assn what I did, she said GOOD for you! and smiled. SO there too.

I am going to take it really easy next week, and tomorrow I will go down and try some stretching exercises in the pool.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Im going to bed.

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