Monday, August 20, 2007

Promised photos...

I had promised you pictures of the Coupeville Festival, but I downloaded them and could not find them. SO here is our streets.

I thought I had the waterfront on here, but I didnt, so I need to go back and find it.

Well, I still didnt get it done right!!

Hang on...


So the street is 2 blocks long, goes uphill 1 block and then comes back 2 blocks and then down to the waterfront for 1 block. We are right on the water, and the tide is out, When the festival is going on, the streets are elbow to elbow people, at least 20000 a day! The vendors love it, the townspeople love it, and the crowd loves it.

I used to buy all my christmas presents there, but now that I am retired, I have no money, so I just window shop. THe fare has not changed at all, there are leather goods, hand made dresses, pottery, jewelry, (Leslie, come be a vendor next year!) paintings, photos, food, any kind of kitsch you can think of. It is fun.

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