Saturday, August 04, 2007

Saturday. Now what...

I remember the days when I would so look forward to Saturdays. Days when I knew I did not have to get up early and rush in to work. Days when I could sleep in if I wanted, or take a day trip up into the mountains. THere were always places to go and things to do and sights to see.

THere still is, only now I have no money to do them with. I woke up this morning and wondered what day it was, just another day in a long string of days that are all the same. Days when The house needs cleaning, the yard needs mowing, the gardens need tending the car needs to be washed, the blog needs to be updated, yada yada yada.

Retirement isnt the jewel that it once seemed to be. Everyday is a Saturday now, and every night is Friday night. It just goes to prove the point that we all need order and regimen in our lives. There once was a book written that said that we all NEED the celebrations and the rituals in our lives. We need to acknowledge Birthdays and anniversaries and we need to celebrate the holidays.

I had not given that much thought, but then I realized that when I was in grade school, we were always counting down to a certain DAY a certain EVENT that helped us realize just where we were in the course of our lives.

Once I grew up, My children gave me those reasons to celebrate and look forward to. It wasn't until just recently that I realized that now I NEED those reasons back into my life. It is so easy to just let them slide by without celebrating them. It is almost summers end, and I am still waiting for SUMMER TO ARRIVE! My deck has not been readied, I planted no flowers, I just let the days slide on by with no realization that my life is also sliding by.

I have a tendency to procrastinate and put the everyday things off, and by doing this, I just shove Monday into Saturday and wonder where the year went. I look around the house and see the trim that STILL needs to be painted, and the projects that still need to be finished. I need a personal trainer. A person that will motivate me into getting these everyday things done. I need some one to do them with. I can work like a horse but I cant work alone. Another Saturday is here and once again here I sit wondering WHat NOW!? SIGH

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