Friday, August 17, 2007


I have a brain shut down. I can think of all kinds of things to talk about, but when I sit down here to type, it leaves my memory! I feel like that cat up there, on a single track and on a dead stop! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

My back and leg are still giving me fits. I cut back on swimming, and only go to aquarobics 2 times a week, which has really helped. I think I just over did it. I am not a patient person at all, and I was trying to push my way into getting mobile again. I am not sure I ever will be. I just do not want to give up and become disabled permanently. I want to get out and WALK! I want to hike in the mountains again, I want to walk along the beach and hike the cliffs. And I want it NOW!!

Ok...politics, just what are you folks that live in the USA thinking about the upcoming elections. Last election we burned up the blogsphere with opinions, and with Wanda just being a lurker and not commenting any more, It just isnt the same.
RIght off the top of my head, this country needs a change of direction. We need to pull back our resources and heal ourselves from within before we spin out of control even further and fragment this wonderful country. I am leaning towards the left this time, but that is because I cant see anyone on the right that I think will tell the GOP to pack sand, and come back towards the center. John McCain would but he is not getting the funding he needs, and I am concerned about his age and health. Right now, I would like to see John Edwards get the Democratic TIcket with Obama as his running mate. THat would give this country the experience in political office and a new direction. It would also give Obama the chance to gain experience which seems to be his biggest drawback, and get him groomed for 2016!

I am anxious to see what Fred Thompson will do. Trophy wife aside, (jeez guys isnt there any thing else to talk about?) there does not seem to be any bad press coming out on him.

But the candidate that will get my vote is one who will give us universal health care for EVERYONE! A candidate who will protect the environment, a candidate who will get the economy back on track and back towards a balanced budget. I would also like to see a candidate who will back free education for all Americans who want it, and put emphasis back on learning instead of coddling our younger generations.

I think we need to pull out of Iraq, out of Afghanistan, out of the middle east and just let them do their own dirty work. If they dont or wont do it then they have made a choice that they will have to live with. I am not sure that Democracy in its present form will work over there, as there is too much History to the contrary. I watched Lawrence of Arabia the other night, and when the Arabs took Damascus, (i think) each tribe was fighting with the others over who was going to control what. Nothing has changed. THey are still fighting, they will always fight, ANd until they take up the fight and govern their own cities and towns, it will forever be that way.

Ok off my soap box...I am just an aging fat woman, with an opinion, and Lord knows that will change as the wind blows.


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