Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sleep???? NOT!!!

One of the problems that I have been having over the past three years is insomnia! I get really really tired, (gee wonder why>) and I will take a nice hot bath, and go to bed. I plan to read until I get sleepy and then I will turn out the light. Usually I catch myself reading the same paragraph four or five times and realize it is time. I go right to sleep and sleep for about 1-2 hours and wake up! BOING!! wide eyed and bushy tailed. Other than CNN there is nothing worth watching on TV at 2:00 in the morning, so I will read, get sleepy and start all over again, only this time I only sleep for about 20 minutes. THis has been my life for a long time. It too is very tiring.

WHile I was in the hospital, I got to spend some quality time with my Dr. and I told him about the things I had asked him during my physical that he ignored. (He has a new computer based patient history thingie, and he spent the whole time trying to get the laptop to work right.) He stood there by my bed and I asked him again about the lack of sleep I am having. He said, well that is easy, I will prescribe you some Ambien.

After I was discharged, Donna brought me home and I wanted a hot bath and a warm bed. I took my nitetime meds and went to sleep. I woke up around 8AM with my face planted right in the middle of two pieces of toast stuck to my cheeks. I had NO idea how I got the toast. I asked Donna if she brought it in to me, and she said Mom, you dont remember getting up and fixing toast? No says I. Well you did, says she. You got up went into the kitchen and fixed two pieces of toast. You put 1/2 stick of butter on them and a good 1/2 cup of peach jam on each piece.

I had heard of sleepwalking and eating while on Ambien, Well Believe it folks! It is true. I am not going to take it anymore, or at least not a whole pill! I may take 1/2 a pill, as I could not sleep last night either.

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