Monday, September 17, 2007

on to the next one...

Yep, I have started another show. This one is Twelve Angry Men, and it is an off season show, meaning that it is not part of the season ticket package, just an extra thrown in between two regular season shows.

Just as much work goes into rehearsing and staging and so forth, but usually the set is very simple so it can jump in quickly.

We close A CHORUS LINE on October6 and Open 12 Pissed Dudes on October 12! We are in full rehearsal right now, and it is going to be really good. It is the same group of guys that we used for Caine Mutiny COurt Martial and Our Town, so we know how they work and vice versa.

A CHORUS LINE has come together really fine. THe kids are just wonderful, it was all the other crap and back stabbing that got to me. but I am almost done with that one, and on to FUN!!

Saturday I got up and actually had so much energy that I putzed out in the yard, scrubbed the deck, did the laundry, cleaned my room, changed the linens, cleaned the kitchen and went to Albertson's. I actually walked down every aisle in the store, and still had breath! AMAZING! I came home and fried chicken, and ate dinner, took my bath and went to bed. I slept so very good! Sunday woke up and my back was hurting, so I just took it easy, Today I got up feeling pretty good and decided that I was going to try Swimming again. I went in an hour before Aquarobics, and stretched and treaded water for an hour, and then did 45 minutes of aquarobics. I got out of the pool, went to rehearsal and STILL had enough energy to walk up the stairs!

I hope this continues! I have more energy than I have had in 4 years! I MAY even try walking tomorrow. Maybe.

Fall has hit us with a POW! it went from record hot temps last week to 50F this week! And it rained, not just a shower but real honest to gosh rain! It rained for a good 24 hours, and now the skies are clearing and the stars are out. It is going to be a cool one tonight.

I love cool fall nights, cuddle up under the covers, pile on the extra afghans, open the window above my head stick just my nose out and AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! A little classical music to go to sleep to and I am in lala land.

MAn that sounds good...think I will go get my bath.

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