Saturday, September 22, 2007

Beatrix Potter...

I was shopping in the local Farmer's Co-op with Bob in March of 2003, and there in a cage with 5 other babies was a fuzzy white baby rabbit. She has really long fur, and was only 6 weeks old. SHe cost me a whole ten dollars, and I kept her in the bathroom until I could afford her cage. The cats were curious as Heck, and kept trying to peek under the door to see what was in there.

DOnna named her Beatrix Potter, and she became known as Miss Baby Bea Bunny. Until SHe grew up then she was known as Ms Bea Bunny!

Sadie came into my life about 4 months later, and at 6 weeks old she was not as big as Bea was, so they played together, and the cats were used to Bea being loose in the house. She was litter trained, and always went in her litter box. SHe LOVED a good fresh Fennel Bulb, and fresh greens and carrots! ANd Banana Chips! and Raisins!

As Sadie Grew, she was playing rougher with Bea, so I could not let her alone with Bea. She knew where Bea was at all times, and went straight to her cage when I said "where's Bea?" SHe loved her bunny!

THis summer, I took her cage out side, and sat it right on the grass, and she nibbled away, and I would move the cage to a fresh patch of clover. I noticed she was going through water like crazy.

Two nights ago it got really cold, and yesterday morning when I went out to check on Bea, She was laying in her cage dead. :( When I went to pick up Schroeder, I asked the vet about the cold, and he said it was probably kidney failure as that is very commeon in domestic rabbits.

I called Bob and he came over dug a hole and put Bea in it and then put a heavy planter over the top so Sadie would not dig her up and play with her. As she most likely would have. Bob left the cage open, and Sadie is going nuts trying to find her Bea Bunny! She knows if the cage is empty that Bea is loose in the yard, or in the house, or on the deck. SHe can not comprehend that Bea is no longer with us.

Bea was a Jersey Wooley, and her wool was 10" long. Yes she got badly matted at times, and I would have to snip it all off of her. But for the most part she was a sweet little Bunny, who liked to be held close, and she would occaisionally give out with a "Bunny Tooth-Purr" which meant that she was happy.

I will not get another rabbit, even though they are a great house pet, But because I am trying to weed my menagerie down to a chosen few. I have always had critters of one kind or another, and so have my kids, but now that I am aging, and the kids are gone, I need to make sure I only have a few that I can afford to feed.

Poor Baby Bea Bunny! She was so soft and sweet. And I will miss her. "SNORF"

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