Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm Hooooommmee!!

And very glad to be so too! Thanks to all of you for the kind thoughts and wishes left on mine and Phyllis' blog.

It was quite a scare, I thought I was having a heart attack but it turned out to be anemia caused by a GI bleed, and I had 2 transfusions to get my body built back up. I have been telling my Dr and my family for over a year that I dont feel like I am getting the benefit of the air I am breathing. DUH!!! my hemacrit cout was 6.1 when I was admitted, and I think it is sposed to be over 20! there were no red blood cells to carry the oxygen around my body. As the ER Nurse so succintly put it, YOU HAVE NO TRUCKS! No Trucks to carry the oxygen in. OH! Well now I have trucks, and my muscles are not hurting, and I can breathe and I can actually walk and my BAck does not hurt nearly as bad! Who knew that O2 could do all that? Man I do now!!

My arms are so black and blue from all the needle sticks! and the Lab people!!! Sheesh, one would come in and hang another bag of blood at the same time another lab person was on the other arm taking three or four tubes of blood OUT! Christ! No wonder I needed so much! I asked them why they didnt just stick the needle in the bag of blood and save me the pain, but you know those vampires. NO SENSE OF HUMOR!! NONE!!

Donna came up to take care of me, even though I was in the hospital. I think she just needed to know that her Mommie was safe. We are very very close, and she was scared! I will try not to scare her any more. I could not get the message to Tim, without scaring him, so I just did not call. I was going to write to him after the fact, but he called last night and I filled him in. He was scared too, even though he heard I was ok, and feeling so much better.

So bottom line here is...THROW AWAY your Ibuprofin, it makes your tummy bleed. and Check your shit daily to make sure you are not bleeding internally. (c'mon, you dont look at yours either!) and if you have a pain in your chest area of ANY KIND get to an ER! they were all so wonderful to me. I was in and checked in and had an EKG before 15 minutes were passed!

THanks again everyone for the kind words. It was nice to see all you lurkers actually comment too! I know you are out there! And yeah, I lurk too some times.

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