Saturday, September 01, 2007

For Judy...

I finally got him to hold still for a picture Judy. He is 5 months old and a little SHIT!! He was really wanting to get onto the table where I had the birthday cake all staged. I knew he would just have a ball with that, so I quickly took his picture, and then while he was still blinded from the flash, I threw him into the garage until the party was over. 3 weeks he is getting his little nuts chopped off...but dont tell him...maybe then he will settle down.

Today was the day I had planned a family birthday party. Sherry turned 50, DOnna turned 40 and Galen turned 30, Mike will be 52 and Tim will be 36, all within three weeks of each other.

I planned, and got everything ready, and DOnna called and had to work overtime today and could not make it. Bummer

So Galen and Sumre said they would be here from Bellvue around 5:30 so we had everything ready to go at 5:30 when the phone rang. It was Galen, they were just leaving and would be here around 7:30.

So Sherry, Phyllis, Mike, Bob and I sat down to eat. ANd then Galen called again and said he was not coming at all, that they were watching an Ostrich run down the freeway. (???? Man I have heard some weird excuses before but ....)

So I took the 4 off the cake and Mike and Sherry were gonna blow out the candles, Only Mike was inhaling as SHerry exhaled and she blew them all out.

It was a good meal, and the cake was good too, too bad the kids could not make it. THey wer all there in spirit though. TIm said he would come if they would let him out....HA!!!

So no more birthdays until Jan-Feb when it will be Mine, phyllis' and Bob's. And we are all old farts so they dont count.

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