Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pain....again.... :(

I went swimming last night and came home feeling wonderful. I went to rehearsal, and actually did not hurt anywhere! I took a bath, took my meds and went to bed, and could not sleep, finally got to sleep around 400AM, (even with Ambien) and when I woke up at 930 I was in severe pain. I think I am trying to pass a kidney stone, or maybe I have a bladder infection. Whatever, IT HURTS!! GOD!! I would like to have a week pain free! I have spent the dau on my stomach with my fists doubled up under my tummy! That releives the pain somewhat. Yes I still have my Apendix, but I pushed in on my tummy and realeased it fast and no pain. SO I am sure it is bladder something. What next?

Fall came in early here. It is COLD!! I actually have all the windows closed and the heater in the office on full blast! I am still shivering! I fixed a nice hot cup of tea, so hope that warms me up from the inside out. The temps are sposed to get down into the lower 40's, THat is 5C I think. ANd some of the towns in the foothills have already had a frost. Snow level was down to 5000' in the North Cascades, and that meant a dusting on the cross state highway. And remember folks, it is still technically SUMMER!

he fog has been laying just off shore during the day, and creeps in at night, and looks for that cooler water, to thicken up with. I can hear the ship traffic on the Straight, but not on down into the Sound, so It must just be up North here.

This weekend We are going to go find an orchard and get apples, and then I will be peeling and making applesauce with cranberries! YUMMY STUFF!!

Schroeder goes in tomorrow morning to get his little nuts whacked off! Hopefully then he will settle down and quit picking on the other animals. He is such a bully, but he is the only one who has not been neutered, so that may be why!

He looks so confident here, Too bad he doesnt know what is going to happen to him...SNIP SNIP!!

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