Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sunset at Deception Pass

I had to post this to remind us that yes indeed we do have beautiful sunsets on this Island. This was taken from the bridge across to Fidalgo Island which is how you get to the mainland. Our weather this spring has been terrible. With the exception of 2 weekends, when it was warm and sunny, we have had stright rain and wind and clouds. Our weather prognosticator says that for the rest of the summer it is going to be cooler and drier too. That just means that we wont get quite as much rain, but we will still have clouds, and we will still have to wear jackets when we go out.

I screwed up and planted three tomato plants and they are sitting there shivering, I will be very lucky indeed if they fruit at all this year! even the strawberries are not ready yet! They are usually ready when school gets out and that is next week. We need some dry sunny weather for the berries to ripen. ANd then they will be full and juicy!!

I have a garden of weeds growing 12 " tall in my gutters!! I cant climb the ladder to get up there and clean them out. Where is a starving teenager when you need one? dont young boys do yards anymore? HMMMM! Rusty, What are your boys doing? are they still doing odd jobs? Are they cheap enough for me? If I wait for Bob or Tim to get it done, it will be September.

I worked on Sherry's scrapbook today and finally finished her ancesters! I found them all the way back to 1735!!! took me three days to get it all done!! It will be nice when she needs it though. Then it is on to the ones for the Kids. gotta get those finished in case I lose my memory!

JimBob???you still out there? havent seen you lately!
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Anonymous said...

That is a GORGEOUS sunset photo!!! I'm so glad you can post pictures again.

I love to do genealogy research. And when looking for my own ancestors, I often get side-tracked...and I find myself researching families I don't even know.

Rusty Hendrix said...

I could ask Michael about your gutters if you want... Your photo is fantastic! Makes me wish we had summer here, ya know, warm? Ah well, at least it is beautiful.

Anji said...

Olivier would really love to earn some money but he can't until he's 18 here. He'll be driving me mad all summer long. I'll probably find him some jobs and pay him myself. He can clear out our gutters! I'll tell him tonight I'm sending him over to you Mary Lou.

I Love that photo of you-->
It's how I imagine you.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Isn't it great to post pictures again Mary Lou? This is a it. If these are the kind of sunsets you have on the island...I'd be sitting out there all the time.

Joan said...

I like you new pic's on your side bar! Does this mean blogger stopped

I miss Leslie too, I sure hope she gets better soon.

CATMOMAJ said...


Brenda said...

We had a wetter and cooler than normal spring but I reckon summer has arrived here now. Temps are in the 90's already.

I love the sunset photo, it's so beautiful!

JB@Wrk said...

Yep! You got sunshine up there?


Mary Lou said...

Glad to see you JB!! You stopped commenting on Blogeois too, so we figured you had died!!!

And NO, that is an old photo! Have not seen the sun in two weeks, and Jeff Renner says maybe not for a while!! ACK!!