Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MAN! It is COLD!

I realize that in another month or so, the weather will turn to summer and I will bitching about the heat, but BROTHER is it ever COLD here! It even snowed 10" in the passes. Our passes are usually snow free from May through October. Not this year. Our snow pack has to be pretty good too, so we should not have any water problems or brown out problems, unless we start selling it to California! (GRRRRRRR) We have Hydroelectric plants here, and it works very well for us. generates enough electricity to keep us cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and is replenishable. (as long as it continues to rain...) Our rivers are all running full right now because of the Big storm we had yesterday. Thunder and wind and RAIN and COLD!! The juet stream is curving from way up in Alaska to right down the west coast, bringing asll that cold weather with it. When It turns and heads back up is when all the warm weather from the Southern Pacific will head our way.

The baby birds are growing fast. And the babies are really getting the hang of tearing apart a suet block to get at the raisins and peanuts! I leave them up all year, and vary the type to match the visitor. Soon the woodpeckers will head to where ever woodpeckers go, and I will start getting ruby-crowned kinglets and black-capped Chickadees. THe Chestnut-backed Chickadees are already fledged. I am not fond of the messy starlings though, and try to shoo them away. I know, I know that is probably not nice, but they are so noisy, greedy and eat the eggs of other birds. THey also can peck a hole into your attic and fill your eaves with bird nests.

Lola has babies, I do not know how long squirrels nurse their young, but she has been showing her titties for about 3 weeks now. SOon I will have a lot of Douglas Squirrels if that DAMN CAT does not get them all. i let Sadie out this morning, and I heard her "I Have a squirrel treed" bark, so I went running out, and she had Jupiter backed up and hissing at her. She would not hurt him, but she will bark like mad at him until he runs and jumps back over his fence into his own yard.

My back has been giving me fits again. I swam last night and It felt soooo good. I have been sitting in the dry sauna afterward for about 15 minutes letting the heat soak into my bones. AHHHHHH. I really wish I had a hot tub. I just do not like the public one at the pool. I just feel like I am another ingredient for their stew! YUCK!!

I have putzed all day in the house trying to keep it fairly clean, and everytime I go into my bedroom, I have to lay down across the bed on my tummy and stretch the back out. I have been losing weight, so maybe this time when I go to the Dr, he will listen to me and find out just WHAT and WHY I hurt so much. ANd if it is fixable. I HATE not being able to walk without severe pain.

Mike is getting worse. I fear that he is just holding on until his son's wedding in July, and then he will just let go. I wish I could do something for him, but there is nothing I can do, except be there when he needs me. I am not a big one for sitting around holding hands and praying, I leave that to Phyllis and SHerry, They do that well. I do all of mine in private. I will really miss him when he goes. I just wish he could have a good quality of life for as long as he has left. unfortunately he does not. SIGH!!!


Anji said...

we had very hot weather yesterday till the storm in the afternoon then no phone or internet till this morning.I wish i knew all the names of birds too.

Hope you can sort your back out. mine hurts in the morning till I've showered and walked around. We're thinking about Mike here.

Sally said...

My thoughts are with all of you, and especially Mike. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered what kind of back problems you have. Mine are caused by the 3 bulging discs in my lower back...along with osteo-arthritis & degenerative disc disease. But thanks to physical therapy, I'm doing pretty well. And most of my back exercises do require me to lie on my tummy.

Gosh, I'm so sorry about Mike. I do not belong to a church...I am not comfortable with traditional religion. But I believe in God and the power of prayer. And Mike is one of the people I pray for daily.

Joan said...

I wore my winter parka today! It was that cold! I don't know what's going on.

I'm keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

Brenda said...

I wish I could send you a heat wave from here!

I'm so sorry for the pain your family is suffering Miz Marylou. Watching someone you love deal with such an illness makes you feel so helpless.
Hugs my friend.

Rain said...

Sorry to hear about Mike and hope the doctor can give you some ideas on your back. I like your new photo here. Very nice. and boy is it cold in the NW. Snow in Eastern Oregon this week and that is NOT normal. I am wondering if we get a summer this year although they say it'll be nicer tomorrow. *crossing my fingers*

nj said...

I'm really sorry to read the news about your brother. I remember too well what it was like when my husband was dying. So much sorrow. NJ