Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Mountains are out!

We are in the midst of actually having a few days of summer! Today it was in the high 70's F. I had errands to run in Oak Harbor so I got up, ate my yogurt and headed into town. It was an absolutely glorious day out!! Sun was out, no clouds and a nice breeze blowing. I did my errands which took about 3 hours, and then headed back to COupeville.

I wanted so badly to just keep on driving up into the mountains, where my heart actually lives. But with the price of gas up over 4.50 a gallon, I did not. I did however stop by the Sunnyside Cemetery to see if I could get good pictures of the "Mountains". It sits on an east facing hill, and has a gorgeous view of the Cascades and Mt. Baker.

I was able to get this one. which shows Baker in all it's glory. It is an active Volcano that has not erupted Lava in about 200 years, but it steams all the time.

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THe one above is looking to the SOuth from the same location. Mt Baker is to the North, and Mt. Rainier is to the south. You can barely see it because it is so far SOuth. It is about 100 miles as the crow flies, and If it blows, Seattle and Tacoma are toast! History has shown that it will send Lahars and mudslides right down the NorthWest side and COver the Kent Valley with about 50 feet of mud. We have Volcano sirens to warn the nearby towns to move to higher ground. People know this and STILL they build their houses right in the path. STOOOOPID!

We rarely see Mt Rainier as there are usually clouds or haze in the air, so when the "Mountains are Out" it is truly a gorgeous day. Mt Rainier sticks up above the horizon like a giant Snow cone. Of all the volcanoes along the Pacific Rim, This is the one that the geologists say is most likely to blow in the next 50-100 years.

I hope it is a good clear day, with a wind blowing from the NorthWest...Then I will back up at the same spot snapping pictures like mad!!

Sposed to have two more days just like yesterday only hotter...YES!!!! I slept last night with NO electric blanket on! Felt nice. WOke up with the covers kicked off, and the sun hitting me right in my face. I have a house to clean so I had better get busy.

Have a nice weekend!


Tine said...

Lovely pictures ML. It remembers me of the time I saw it with my bare eyes. I can't believe it's already 10 years ago.
Enjoy the beautiful weather, we have again a cloudy day with showers

Anonymous said...

Love the photos. That first one of Mt. Baker is gorgeous! The one time I was in Seattle, the weather was sunny and it was a thrill to see Mt. Ranier! Gave me chills.

Hope you're feeling well!

Brenda said...

Such beautiful photos of your spectacular mountains Miz Mary lou. Thank you for sharing them!

How are you feeling today?