Friday, June 06, 2008


These are not the best of pictures, as I was taking them trough a window with cat smudges on it, and through a screen. But it of the Baby Downy woodpecker, being fed by her daddy. He brings them one by one to the suet block and teaches them to eat the suet. After a few days, they get the hang of it, and become very noisy and MESSY!! Just like little babies with their first time feeding themselves. I will soon have suet pieces all over the window and the side of the house.
This one is a little better, but not by much. Baby is on top, Daddy is getting ready to fill his mouth with more suet.
This one is of a chestnet backed Chickadee doing the same thing. Baby is on the right, with it's wittle yellow edged mouth wide open. I just LOVE to watch the babies every spring. THe Hummers are flying really good now too, and I have to refill the feeders every day.

It has been so cold this year, that I have not switched to summer bird juice, figuring that they need the extra energy at night to keep them warm. I usually cut back on the sugar, from 5-1 to 4-1 around the first of May. THat encourages them to find flowers to feed from. But the flowers are just now blooming. SO maybe soon. If it ever warms up. They are talking SNOW on the lower passes and higher foothills tonight!! and this morning at 430 it was 42F on my front porch!!! MAN!!! Global warming my freezing ASS!!!
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Bobbie said...

Great pictures, Mary Lou! I like watching the little birds learning to fly. I had a couple of little chickadees in my feeder today.

Your weather must be like mine. We've been turning on the furnace to take the chill out of the house. Where is our warm weather??!!

Have a great weekend.

catmomaj said...

I know what you mean. I fired up my woodstove again today. I tried to tough it out with heavy socks and my robe over my sweats, but dang, my nose stayed so darn cold I had to take action.
I've got nuthatches, rufus-sided towhees, and big brown sparrow types. Also had a male and female goldfinch hanging around a bit. I usually see Oregon Juncos too but they seem to be going elsewhere. Hummm, maybe they are at your house. lol!

Mary Lou said...

Yep they sure are Judy!! I have flocks of Juncos, and gold finches and house finches and sparrows and the damn starlings

Anonymous said...

I love your bird pictures!

Last month we were still having some very chilly days. But now it's hot...much hotter than normal. I don't like summer...I'd rather have your cold weather!

Brenda said...

I love, love, Love the little bird babies! How great that you can see them so near by. My feeders aren't close enough for me to have views like that.

Should I send some of this HOT delta heat over your way?

Anji said...

I'm glad to see some baby pictures. Rob managed to get a decent one of ours just before the parents came back and told us off. Now i have to work out how to get the pic from inside the camera onto my blog..

cassie-b said...

Baby birds are fun to watch. We have quite a few babies around here just now. And they are noisy.

And the parents are looking a bit tired.


Donna said...

Really cute pictures!! Great angle...I never manage to have my camera handy!..night..hughugs

Herman Verbrugge said...

I just hop in to say Hi Mary Lou. Pictures are sometimes important to support a story, and the quality doesn't matter in my opinion. Now you have shown us something specials that was happening in your garden.

Rhea said...

Very cool that you were able to catch them like that. Why don't I have a camera when I need one? There was a red-tailed hawk outside my office window the other day.

keewee said...

I just love to watch the parents feeding their chicks.