Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stupid Blogger or is it me?

I STILL do not have an edit bar on my posting page. I have the title box and the main box,! I have switched to the new blogger template, and if I use PICASA I can post pictures from there, but not from here. I also can not add anything to my sidebar now. I can edit the links, using html, but I can not add a weather pixie, or any books to read, or a clock, none of that good stuff that I used to have. PISSES ME OFF!!!!

I have written and written to no avail. I think it might even be something in my computer keeping me from getting it, but I am not smart enough to figure it out. When I switched from old template to new blogger, I DID have everything for about two days, and then NADA!!!

I wish I was as smart as Jazzi is about computers. Ny daughter just has no patience with me on it either. "READ THE MANUAL MOM!" I HAVE no manual for this. and blogger help doesn't help either. frustration!!!

My eye has pretty much quit oozing and itching, but it is still swollen and my head hurts like HELL! It is jsut the right side of my head from my browbone to the top of my scalp. I sure wish I knew what little Brat exposed me to this!! I may have picked it up in the pool, but you would think with all the clorine that any bug/virus would never survive! The bridge of my nose is swollen too, so my left eye looks puffy, but it is fine. I am sooo tired though. I have been taking Benedryl at CATMOMAJ's advice for the itching, and that works great, but I am a CHEAP drunk, and sleep all day and all night. I have not taken any today, so I will see if any energy comes back tomorrow.

I advise all of you over 60 to go get your SHINGLES VIrus shot. It is new and Insurance covers it. DO it before you get this damn stuff!! Seriously...I have a very light case I guess, but I do not want a BAD case of it.

Summer is sposed to hit with a vengeance tomorrow, but right now even though it is sunny out, it is COLD!!! The wind is blowing in off the North Pacific, right down the Strait, and smacking right into my house. BRRRRRRR!! It was the coldest it has ever been at SEATAC last night for June 24! got to 44 I think. It was 40F on my front porch...THat is only 8 degrees from FREEZING for GOd's sake.

I think I will go try and find my kitchen counter...the dishwasher is broken and leaking so Bob has it torn apart to fix it...and we all know how he finishes things!!!! NOT!
Catch ya tomorrow.


Brenda said...

I wish you felt better but I know how miserable those shingles are, it's going to take awhile.

The virus that causes shingles is the same one that causes chickenpox, and it can break out any time that your body's resistance is low, no exposure necessary. People who have never had chickenpox can get them from people who have shingles in the active stage.

Lost said...

Oh I know how this sucks. When my kids were much much smaller and hadn't had chicken pox yet, we were visiting friends. My kids slept in the same beds with their kids, three days later I get a call that my kids have been exposed to chicken pox. Did they get them? No. Did I, the person who never touched those kids, get chicken pox? No but I got a dandy case of shingles around my waist. It was lovely. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I basically bathed in calamine lotion and bitched alot. It takes a while and you get pretty scabby but it does go away. Stay strong and don't scratch LOL

keewee said...

Shingles really is so uncomfortable, I hope you are over with it very soon.
I did not know you can get a shot for this , so thanks for the info.I think I will ask for one when I go for my checkup next week.

Dick said...

I am going to have to get used to Medicare come September. The weather sure has been weird but it does feel like summer today and the newspaper says Sunday should be 86 degrees! From one extreme to another. And it seems to be the time of the year (or decade) for dishwashers to fail. Ours started leaking around the door seal and we ended up replacing it two weeks ago.

Joan said...

Mary Lou...I'm not to sure what you are trying to do, but if you are in the new blogger and you want to put something on your go into "layout", "add a page element," "picture", download it as instructed and it will add it to your sidebar.

Now if this doesn't work, I don't know....because it should!!

Normal pics for your blog are done directly from the picture section on your bar on top of your posting section.

Over and out. I'm thinking you got the two mixed up...but don't yell at me if I'm wrong.... yikes, I'm otta here.

Mary Lou said...

I wont yell, but I am not wrong. There is no edit bar on my page...for some reason it dissapeared. GONE> DOnna looked on her 'puter and it was there, so we think it is a browser problem.

Why would I yell at you? I only would yell at Baloney!! NEVER at Joanie!! ;)