Sunday, July 29, 2007


OMIGAWD!!! I can not BELIEVE how fast this thing works now. I still have some puter problems...I think it has arthritis as it freezes up every once in awhile. But Man, being able to blogwalk EVERYONE in under an hour is mind boggling! It used to take me up to 5 minutes just to load some of your pages. Poor Brenda was the hardest! And when she had music on it...fugetit!!

I have been asked to post some pictures of the pool, so this afternoon I will take my camera and show you the place I swim. THe community pool, not the Big Oak Harbor pool where I do Aquarobics. big difference!

I just got a letter from TIm also, describing his fire-fighting experiences, so that will be later tonight.

Gee something to look forward to.

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