Tuesday, July 10, 2007

WHEW!! It is HOT here! For most of you this is nothing, but for us, it is HOT! 97F at Seatac Intl, Airport! ANd due to get hotter tomorrow! Portland where Blogeois lives hit 102 and broke an all time record! ANd it is only July!

I woke up early this morning and opened all the windows and turned on all the overhead fans. Schroeder immediately thought it was a big giant bird, and climbed clear to the top of the cat condo and tried to jump at the fan to catch it! He missed twice thank GOd!

I came home from swimmming and took the trash out, and turned the water on the back yard. I also filled the bird baths, squirted Bea down so she was cool, chased Sadie all over the back yard with the water, and left it to run all night on my roses and fruit trees. I have two peach trees that are LOADED with peaches, IF the alders will let the sunget to them so they can ripen!

Lea's plum trees are loaded as are the apple trees that she espaladed(?) before she died!

THe pool was over full today. THere must have been 35 people in the class tonight! usually there are only about 15-20. Guess the heat forced some of them down there. I have been going to the community Pool down on the beach here, 5 days a week, and just work out on my own.

TIme to go lay across the bed under the ceiling fan and work on another jig saw puzzle that I downloaded into my lap top. THose are so way cool! I may jusrt have to break down and buy the program!

Ya'll stay nice and cool through this heat wave, and do not forget to HYDRATE!! Drink LOTS and LOTS of water. (I suck on ice chips all day.)

Hopefully my 'puter will start behaving and I can blog walk again. I miss ya'll!

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