Thursday, July 12, 2007

A tad bit toasty...

I could not sleep last night as it was too still, and too hot! I live right on the Strait of Juan De Fuca, and up around the 250 foot level, so It is very unusual for it to not have any air moving. I had the ceiling fan on over my bed, but that just moved around the warm air. I have trouble breathing unless I can breathe in cold air. I sleep with my head literally out the window all year long. The colder the better. I felt like I was suffocating all night long. The damn cat from next door knocked the outdoor thermometer off the burd feeder pole, so I have no clue how hot it stayed last night. I just know that the cats had a problem sleeping too, and Sadie was restless all night.

I think it was around 65F, but I am not sure, But JimBob will tell us wont you? ;) I woke up at 530 this morning for the umpteenth time, and went out and turned off the water that I left running all night. I was hoping it would give my roses a good soaking along with “Figgy”, but it didn’t. It just must have watered figgy’s roots all the way to China! There was no wet spots anywhere except right at the tree’s trunk.

I went in to fix some coffee and said Nope, too hot for coffee, so being the excellent housekeeper that I am, (NOT) I grabbed the pot that had yesterday’s left over coffee in it and poured it over crushed ice and had an Iced Latte . Not bad!

I had the front door open and the storm window out on the storm door, so cool air could circulate. The cats were all stretched out on the wood floor, flat as pancakes, trying to keep cool. Sadie was out under the pussy willow tree, out of the morning sun. It just got hotter and hotter! There is a high pressure trough heading this way, and with it will come cooler temperatures. Actually as I lay here and type this, there is a cooling breeze blowing in the bedroom window! AHHHHHHH Much better!

I know you all are dealing with rain and warm weather too, and it is not unusual for you. It is here. We only have about 10 days a year that it gets unbearable, by our standards, the rest of the time it is cool and nice!

I went down and did my aerobics in the pool for an hour this evening. When I got there, the pool was shoulder to shoulder with pre-teens. Adult swim is from 500-530PM so I usually get there around 430 so I can get a good hour in. The pool was cloudy, and you could not see the bottom and when I asked why, The man I asked said he choose to think it was because of all the suntan lotion from all the kids, But just to be safe, DO NOT SWALLOW any water!! EEEEWWWWWWW!!!!

Tomorrow is the City pool, and it is inside and sparkling clean! It is also full of swim classes and kids screaming. We do our aerobics and then leave. I think I am going to try swimming laps next month! I don’t do it now because I am not a good swimmer. I can float and tread water forever, but my stroke is very bad, and I need to perfect it. I am going to see if I can find a good sturdy kick board, and do laps just kicking, to try to get those muscles built up! I have some really good days, when I think that I am getting better, but they are mixed with some really bad days where I can not move, or sleep, or sit or stand without being in agony! I am hoping this will go away with time, but I am not sure it will.

Schroeder has discovered the cool breeze blowing in the window here and he is all stretched out and purring and sleeping right beside me. He is going to be the sweet lover that Chitters was. It has been a year since I lost Chitters, and I still miss him sitting on my hand while I type. And his little tongue kisses….SIGH!! Well Schroeder is going to be a sweety!

Yikes! I really blabbed a lot tonight! For not having much to say, I wrote a book! Now if only I can connect to the internet and get this posted, then I will be in business!

OH and if you are a reader, I just finished Janet Evanovich’s LEAN MEAN THIRTEEN, and it was a HOOT!! Start with her first book, and go in order and you will LOVE her! I think she would make a great TV series!

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