Monday, July 23, 2007


I read the last line on my previous post, and laughed..."Weak as a kitten" I said. HA!! Who ever first said that line must have never had a kitten. Schroeder is 100% testosterone, and is fearless!! He will attack anything and anybody!! I wake up every morning in terror that my toes will be attacked! Schroeder sleeps at the foot of my bed, and as soon as he knows that I am awake, he puts 10 sharp little needles into my toes! It is so very hard to get out of bed without moving your toes. ANd once those claws are in them it is even harder to move, knowing that he will dig in even deeper than he had the first time.

He sits and waits for Sadie to walk into the room, and then he runs at her on his back feet with his front feet ready to wrap around her neck and throw her down like a bull. He does it too. Sadie could bite him in half, but she doesn't, and then she chases him until he hides, and then he chases her until he throws her again. HE has Loki and Lint stymied, All they do is hiss at him and he backs away, for about 10 seconds then he is at Loki again. He leaves Lint alone. Smart move! Lint does not suffer little cats gladly at all!

Ethel is left alone after he thought he was brave enough to tackle her and got his clock cleaned! She lit into him like there was no tomorrow, and with fur flying, blood dripping and cats screaming, she ended that attack right then. He came running to his mommie for protection, and I picked him up looked him over saw he was ok, and then put him back down and let him figure out what he did wrong. He hasn't touched the Bitch since!

I am still swimming daily, or almost daily, and am just starting to feel the therapeudic effects of the past 5 months. It is just ever so slowly and ever so slightly gaining the ability to walk upright. Not far, and not fast, but I can stand straighter and walk a few meters with out pain!! YAHOO!!!!!

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