Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SPRING!!! Really????

So yesterday we woke up to snow and hail and freezing temperature! It went away as soon as the sun came up, but still!!! The latest we have had snow is April 17, and that was in the '50's! I would not be surprised to see some even later than that this year. Our weather has been so atypical, that Nothing would surprise me.

My nephew gave me a gift certificate for a day's worth of manual labor, for Christmas, so This weekend he came up and knocked down the foot high grass! ANd then Sherry my SIL came over on Sunday and pulled weeds in my front yard! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I just can not get out and garden like I want to. For one thing, I cant stand up very long, and If I sit down to weed, I cant get back up! What I really need to get is one of those STURDY yard helpers, that you can sit on, kneel on, use to help you get off the ground, etc. I had one that My Dad bought for me, but it was so flimsy that it bend the first time I used it. Ah well!

All of my tulips out front are already blooming! THey are way early. Usually they dont bloom until the end of April. Everything is blooming early! Makes me wonder what kind of a summer we will have...probably hot and dry!

I have been going to aquarobics 3 times a week, and I LOVE it! I can not believe that I waited 40 years to get bac water. I was very concerned about my size in the pool, and in a bathing suit. I should never have been! I am not the biggest one in any of the classes and that made me feel really good! It feels soooo good to get in the water and just float! the gravity goes away, and my back does not hurt the whole time. HOWEVER! as soon as I get out of the pool, the gravity takes over again, and I am in even worse pain than I was before. I hope I am not exacerbating something. If it hurts in any way doing the excersises, I stop. I have been kicking trying to get strength back into my legs and buttocks so I can get back to walking.

Last night the jets in the hot tub were not working, and I really missed them! I sit with my back pressed right up against one of them and just relax for 15 minutes after working out. AHHHHHHH Feels sooo good.

I heard from Tim Sunday, and he is doing fine. He got his latest box from me, with some civilian clothes, and now he feels like a real person! They have a choice of wearing the uniforms given to them or their own clothes, which have to be brand new, and in good taste. SO I sent him a pair of jeans 2 shirts and a pair of shoes. He LOVED the Carhardt hat, says he feels so much better now. I can imagine that it really helps their self esteem to be able to wear something different for a change.
He has started his self improvement classes, and is excited about that. (I hope they work!) I will go visit him on Easter, so I can see him looking good! :)

I see that Critterchick has posted, and it is so good to see her feeling good and getting out and doing something. I have been so worried about her. I have never met her, and may never meet her, but She and I connected about 4 years ago, and consider ourselves soul sisters. So many of my blogger friends are like family! It hurts when one of them is hurting, or when one of them just disappears! You grieve for them in a certain way. and wonder why they left. SOme of them I still hear from in emails, and others have just dropped off the face of the earth! Blogging is such a unique world isn't it?

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