Monday, April 23, 2007


Sorry I have been so absent lately, but I have been a busy little bee this past several weeks. I know that is no excuse, but I just have not been able to keep my mind focused on writing.

I am so busy at the playhouse, I am working on two shows, YOURE A GOOD MAN CHARLIE BROWN, which is in production right now, and A CHORUS LINE which will go into production in late May, or June. I have a lot of computer work to do for each of these shows, and it has kept me hopping! I just about have Charlie Brown's computer work done, so all I will have left is at rehearsals, so that will be ok, but Chorus Line needs to have the Logo finalized,and then posters made to send out so all the dance studios will know that we will need talent this summer.

I still have to get Charlie's Poster done, and a press release written and then the light cues finalized. Since I have to send everything through the box office, they get edited, and sent back for re-writes, and that just makes all my time really tight!

THen there is SPRING!! IT has finally hit with a vengeance, and the grass has grown so fast! Bob came over SUnday and knocked down the back yard, but I still have to do the front yard! THen I need to get the Lilacs cut before they are all gone. GOtta have a big bunch of Lilacs!

THen there is my dreams: I woke up yesterday CRAVING a big bag of See's Candies Bon-Bons! Orange ones, tipperarree ones, maple nut ones, Apricot ones, OH MAN!! I NEED A BIG box of Bon Bons. All day yesterday I was just craving and craving them. Maybe the mailman will send me some tomorrow...or not. I may have to drive the 55 miles in to Mt Vernon just to buy a big bag of them and then just pig out on candy and get it over with. ANd while I am there I can get a big box of their strawberry creme chocolate ones, and the raspberry ones, and the butter creme ones. AGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying here!

ANd I have a kitten on my mind too! any kitten! I need a kitten! I need to start taking drugs when I go to bed, so I can not dream about these things that I dont need!

I am also swimming three nights a week! It is so freeing! No pain for 75 minutes! HEAVEN! I cant imagine getting tired of it, but We shall see.

THen there are all the bad headlines this past week. THe world is going NUTS! going to hell in a hand basket! When will it all end? hopefully not before I get my See's Bon-Bons!! And Phyllis I dont need any crap about it not being good for me either!! :( So there!

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