Monday, April 16, 2007


Have any of you watched TWO AND A HALF MEN? I roar every Monday at that show. It is so damn funny! But then I have a wicked sense of humor. I always have. I caught on to the dirty jokes very young in life. Even though I was personally very prudish and inexperienced. My Mom and Dad would talk about “things” in code, and I always caught on. Pig Latin was the language of the house when we were young. Got that right away. Nothing was safe. My parents never talked openly in front of us kids about the other sex, but growing up Navy schools, we got it through osmosis.

I can “get” a joke usually before it is finished. And when I was younger, I could tell them along with the best of them. Salesmen would come and look for me at the store, because they knew I would always have a fresh new one to tell.

About 20 years ago, it became very Politically incorrect to tell Dirty Jokes in Public, and the Government spent a LOT of money training all of it’s employees to be correct in talking to the opposite sex. Sexual harassment became the buzzword around the offices, and Dirty Jokes could no longer be told. Sad.

Now, I no longer hear or tell these jokes, and every once in awhile I will get forwarded a really good one that I haven’t heard before.

It is rare that I find today’s sitcoms funny, they are usually asinine, but TWO AND A HALF MEN has it nailed! They know young boys, and what they are thinking and they know lod men and how they react to young boys. If you have not had the opportunity to watch it on Monday nights at 900 on CBS, I would really advise you to take the time some week and do so. It is FUNNY!!

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