Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Do Ya THINK maybe? It's Spring?

Spring has finally turned the corner from Winter…We think. It snowed on Tuesday, broke records for highs on Friday, and then got cold and dark and rainy on Easter. Bob and I drove over to the Peninsula and went to visit Tim. We caught the 845 Ferry off island, arrived in Port Townsend at 915, and headed West.

As we left the Island, it was warm and sunny, with scattered clouds showing up just as the sun broke out. We watched the mainland come into view, and noticed the dark grey clouds and fog over the foothills. AS we got off the Ferry and made our way through the drive through at Mickey D’s, it was starting to rain. We headed down 101W and as we drew closer to the Wilderness, it got darker and wetter. There is a reason that the Olympic Peninsula has several rain forests. It RAINED!! And it rained, and it rained. It was so pretty. No traffic, just a good spring rain, and great scenery.

Tim Looked good. He was wearing his non-prison clothes, that I sent him last week. He looked like a real human! He was in a good mood, counting the days until Fire season starts, so they can get out and fight fires. Hw has started some of his classes. He is waiting for the ones that will show him how to not be an addict anymore. I think he thinks that they are gonna wave a magic wand and they will be “cured”. He seems to really want to get something out of these lessons. He swears he will never be back there again. (DEAR GOD! Please )

My yard is too wet to finish mowing. And it is sposed to rain again tomorrow and the next day too. I may not be able to get it mowed again until it is as tall as it originally was. I wish I could afford to have gravel or concrete poured out there. I just cant mow it.

I am LOVING Aquarobics! I am now going three times a week. M W F. It feels so good to float and get that weight off of my back. I just wish it would HELP me. It does not seem to be doing that. In fact it seems to be getting worse when I am not in the pool.
I will keep on going until I hear from My Dr that I should not be going. And then I will be raising hell and demanding an operation to stop this pain. (yeah right ML. You do that!)

Phyllis fell again today coming out of the pool onto the parking lot. She fell over the curb; right onto her good knee. I worry so much about her falling. It is almost like she can’t see where she is putting her feet. There were people right there to help her get up and back onto her feet, but she fell HARD. She is gonna hurt tomorrow.

I have not seen any squirrels in several months! I think the dirt bag cat next door killed them all! The little Brown and red Douglas Squirrels came from that side of the forest. The Big grey ones come from Lea’s side, where it is more exposed, and I think Owl or coyote predation got to them. I did see one grey squirrel (Suzy’s) Saturday, Early. SO maybe they just come when I don’t see. I have not heard Lola though. She makes a real racket when S/he comes along the fence. Chattering and yelling and whistling. I hope they come back during the warmer weather. I lured them in all into the yard, and sure would not want to lose them to Jupiter’s hunting.

Gotta go wash the Chlorine out of my hair, so I will catch you all tomorrow!

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