Tuesday, November 07, 2006

uh, Lord?...What's a cubit?

I am telling you! We have had a few days of rain! I don't mean just a drizzle, it has dumped on us. The Eastern 1/2 of the state is still dry, but everything West of the Cascades is soaked and then some.

I woke up this morning after a terrible night sleep, and the sky was gray. I had been up at 400 and the moon was bright, and the stars were out. Not any more. It started raining again, and dumped water on more water. Then the sun came out and it was beautiful. The humidity was a very high 93 % and the temp was in the high 50's low 60's. Then the temp dropped like a rock when the sky cleared up, and it got chilly!

On the way in to the playhouse tonight, it started clouding up, and then as we were in having our meeting, it started hailing! BIG hail stones, then it rained like We hadn't seen in years! So hard and all while the hail fell too. Then we watched the water rise, up over the curbs in the parking lot, down the sidewalk and headed towards the basement steps where the lobby is. We grabbed kitchen towels and any kind of material we could find, and stuffed them under the door to keep it out of the lobby! Then it started thundering and lightning, and it was right over our head! We had all the weather in one day!

As I left the playhouse, and walked across the parking strip to get to my car, I stepped in a big hole all filled with hail and water, lost my shoes in the muck and fell right down on my knees. I am in the parking lot with just my socks on, trying to see how badly I am hurt, and cant find my shoes. I finally dug into the hole, and down into the mud and found them. I drove home with my shoes and socks off, and the heater on full blast on my feet. I started getting some feeling back in my frozen feet about half way home.

Coming around the OLF Field almost home, and ran smack into FOG! So yep, we had everything! Not all of the rivers have crested yet, and it is really serious flooding! Some of these rivers have never been seen this high. But then we have never seen this much rain either.

Sadie was up against the house as close as she could get and was staying dry. She was sure glad to see her mommie finally get home too!

Now on to the election returns. Just does not seem like elections without Wanda, does it? Maybe 2008...

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