Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beta Blogger...yes or no?

How many of you with blogger have switched over? I am afraid to after hearing Joanie talk about the problems she was having. I dont want to lose my haloscan comments, as they are easy and you dont have to sign in to use them. I have been VERY fortunate with no S*A*ing in three years! I decided tonight to try to use Beta by making a NEW Blog. Uh-uh! Wont let you unless you have a totally different email too. JEEZ!!! All I wanted was to see how easy it was to use, and if I really wanted to switch my regular blog over. ANy input appreciated here. I did however upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 and after fighting with Google over which toolbar I was gonna use, I think I am going to like it. When I run adaware I usually have upwards of 30 critical objects to delete, today I only had 9 so IE7 is catching quite a few of them.

I wish I knew someone that could come tell me which programs I can safely delete, and which ones are tied to something else. My C drive is running out of memory, it has 15 GB and only a few MB left to use! I need to repartition the drive because D has 65GB and I only use it to store work on. I thought when I bought it that they were two different drives, but obviously not. I hate being IT challenged!!

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