Monday, November 06, 2006

Glub, Glub!

Washington State has been slammed with a very wet weather system. Coming straight in from Hawaii, and called the pineapple express. It is actually 4 or 5 systems all in a string, and loaded with tropical moisture. Last week when our weather was unseasonably COLD, this week it is unseasonably wet and warm.

We have had almost 7 inches of rain in 4 days. This is more than we usually have all month in November. We really needed the rain, but we need less of it, more often. Our ground dries out if it does not get rain daily, and then the rain when it does come just runs right off and into the streams and rivers, taking the topsoil with it.

right now our state is in a State of Emergency, and all of the Western side rivers are flooding in a 10 year flood rate. SOme of them are higher than they have ever been. Urban flooding is getting worse and worse every year, as more and more un settled land is built upon, and paved. THis leaves no where for the run off to go except into the streets and into the basements.

In the Mountains, we usually end up with tone of snow this time of the year, which piles up and saves all the water for the spring runoff into the reservoirs. Right now, we are losing all of this potential snow pack into the rivers and right out to sea again.

My backyard would support a flock of ducks. The birds are all hanging into the wisteria vines and the pussy willow bush, just to keep from drowning! THey run into the feeder grab a sunflower seed and run back to the bushes.

THe squirrels have found the suet feeders hanging on the deck, and they have robbed it down to the bare wire basket. The woodpeckers are still using the ones hanging off the eaves, but it wont be long until the squirrels find those too.

I am glad that I stayed home this weekend, as the rivers are all at flood stage, and I most likely would have been stranded. THe highway 101 around Crescent Lake in the Olympic National Park had a rock slide and was blocked for a day. No way around it.
THen 101 down south by Shelton had a mudslide and now it too is blocked, with a 50 mile detour around it. I will go next weekend, by then the rivers will all be full, and the roads all blocked, and another storm blowing in. Im serious!

The things Mothers do for their young!

It actually has stopped raining at this moment, but there is more expected tonight and tomorrow. Then it will clear up and the temp will drop and the snow level will drop in the passes, and we will start the cycle all over again.

As a side note, DOes anybody know what the logic is for still changing from daylight savings time back to standard? Why was it started in the first place? Let's get e referendum out there to keep it all the same now. The whole world is on a 24 hr day, and there is no need for it. It just screws up my sleep patterns, and for that alone we need to stop the MADNESS!


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