Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Changes are a-comin'...

We have just been told that the weather system that is hitting the coast right now, will turn quickly to rain. The air has warmed up significantly from 8 degrees F last night to 34 degrees F tonight.

It did get cold! I kept Power all night and all day, but I would not count on it staying on much longer. We are having gale force winds, and with the ground as wet as it will be when it all melts, we will lose even more trees!

It was pretty while it lasted, now we will see the ugly side of it. The mud and the dirt! The road sand will all get splashed up on the windsheild, and we will have to wash our cars and filll the reservoirs.

I spent all day today inside in my snuggly robe. I did not even get dressed. I got up and built a fire in the wood stove, made a pot of coffee, and settled in to watch the birds and squirrels!

Sadie is a matted up mess right now. She will have to go to the groomer, but not until the snow all melts, and the mud dries up. She has had more fun throwing snow over her shoulder! Dumb dog! Even Lint has decided that he will stay inside for the duration.

I am so far behind in getting my things in the mail. Certain people's BD Presents came back, because I forgot to put a customs tag on it. DUH! Well It will have to go with the christmas cards now. This whole year has been a wreck for me. I am so hoping that next year will be the year of starting life over. I now have all my floors done, I have the walls painted, I have almost all of my unfinished projects finished, I have made every member of my family an afghan, so next year is for me.

I think I will reinvent myself. I really need to. Not making any promises, because I know how I am, but I will try. one step at a time. I may even put my Bio on just to see what happens! (eek!)

So right now I am laying on my tummy in my bed with the electric blanket on, the window opened 1/2 way, breathing in the fresh cold air, and typing away. Jay Leno is on, and soon I will be turning him off and turning on Classic King FM, and closing up the laptop and opening my book. I will read until I get sleepy, then if the electricity is still on, I will turn off the lamp and sleep until I wake up.

Hope you all are having a nice morning. Watch out for all the storms that are heading your way! They are nasty this month!

(OHMIGAWD! There is a model on TV right now wearing a 6,000,000 dollar BRA! WHY?)
That is just twisted!

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