Monday, November 13, 2006

And they still are dumping...

Last night I went to bed thinking that today would be rainy, and windy, but it was just grey and drippy. Typical NW weather. Bob came over and finally finished the flower bed, so Now I can get these bulbs in the ground before they all rot.

Tonight the rain started, and it is raining, and raining, and raining, and the rivers are starting to flood again. The wind is s'posed to start about 4AM and go all day Monday, up to 65 MPH. Then MORE rain! And then MORE wind! The ground is saturated now, and with the winds, the trees will start to blow down. Our typical Douglas fir trees and Cedar trees, do not have a deep root system, they are very shallow rooted for being as tall as they are, and they all have a symbiotic relationship with one another...In other words, they all keep each other upright. When one goes down, another one will and another until all along the road, you have downed trees and downed wires. Why they do not bury these wires I have no clue, but they just spent tons of money replacing all the poles along hiway 20 in Oak Harbor. The poles will be fairly deep, but they have been known to blow over in these winds too.

When the wires go down, the lights go off, and if it is a strong storm, there will be downed trees everywhere, so it may be DAYS before power is restored again. We all live with our camping supplies in a closet, and water jugs all filled and ready. We will be fine, just terribly inconvenienced! They have really been touting this storm, and asking us to prepare for it so it will probably fizzle!

there is 1-3 feet of snow expected in the mountains down to 3000 feet, so all the cross state roads will be closed off and on. Then the next system is warm, so it will melt all that snow, and send the water into the rivers to flood again.

this ladies and Gentlemen is what makes the Pacific NW so beautiful and green. BUT it also makes the dumb shits that come up and cut the trees down and build their mansions on the lovely little river banks cry and moan about not having flood insurance.

I like living on my island! I am up high enough that a tidal wave should not ever get to me, and the water all runs down hill, so I wont flood, and the trees are all leaning away from the house so I am safe and secure. For the time being!

Tim called me Friday night and told me to stay home again, as the Hoh river was washing out some of the road that I would be driving on. So I did, and It probab;y wont be for a few more weeks until I can afford to drive over again. As he said, "Well Mom, you know where I Am and I have 3 hots and a cot and I am not going anywhere for a while." Yep! He's right.

I built a fire in the wood stove today, to take the chill off the house, and dry it out some. I usually have Sadie sitting on the top of my chair when I am crocheting, but all three cats and Sadie, were all stretched out and as close to the fire as they dared get. They are so funny!All with in a 3X3 area rug. Can't lay on that cold floor ya know.

If you don't hear from us in awhile, do not worry! We are fine, and may be without power for a few days. We may not, depends on the Fates I guess.

Ya'll have a great week!!!

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