Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Rusty called me at 830 this morning screaming into the phone. "IT"S SNOWING!" I murfffed from under my pillow and stuck my nose over the window sill to see how much and all I saw was green.

"No it isn't;t!" I muttered, and she said yes it is LOTS of it, and big wet floppy flakes. It was not doing anything. SO she hung up and I re-buried my head for another few hours. The phone rang again at 1130, it was Phyllis, "IT"S SNOWING!" Once again I murrfed from under the pillow and stuck my nose over the window sill to see a few very tiny little flakes falling on the feeder.

OK, that means it is starting, so I got up to get dressed and get into Oak Harbor to get my insulin. By the time I was dressed the road was covered, so I said nope, not getting out in that, My Insurance lapsed on Friday, and I was going into the office tomorrow to pay it. SO I stayed home and watched it snow, and snow and snow! The birds were fighting over the suet blocks and scratching the snow off the feeders.

I saw several birds I have not noticed before, a tiny little olive bird that may be a warbler of some kind, and a Big thrush sized gray and olive bird. Huh! gotta look those up.

the big grey squirrels were Loving the snow, frolicking and running back and forth from the feeder to their trees. Lint refused to go out, said nope, No way am I getting my feet cold. Sadie ran out, hit the ice on the porch and slid right off the porch onto the grass. She was out until it started to cover the grass then she was ready to come in. Now I cant get her out to pottie at all. I have to throw her out and then slam the door really fast. Once out, she has fun, running and chasing snowballs, but she wont go out on her own. She came in looking like a snow-dog!

We have snow advisories posted until tomorrow morning, and should have another 1-4 inches by then. We have about 4" right now. SO COOL!!!! The bad part, is the weight of the snow on the branches is breaking them, and hitting the power lines and killing power in some areas. Keewee has no power, and she only lives about 20 miles down the island. We do though Thank Goodness.

I bundled up really well then took the wheelbarrow out and loaded it up with wood, and wheeled it into the garage. Then I built a roaring fire, and settled in to watch more movies. Did you know that snow storms block the signals from the satellites? I didn't until this afternoon. PAH! So I turned on classic King and listened to music all afternoon while I putzed with my Blog template.

I got reception back around 430 just in time for the local news, then the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie. I laid down on the floor with all the animals and watched it with a box of Kleenex within reach. Good movie!

My tiny little Lopi Stove only takes two pieces of wood at a time, so I started the fire, and when it caught good I put one more piece in and the little thing GLOWED! The cats even got two warm! I only use 4 pieces of wood a day, and my house is so warm I have to open spare rooms to cool it down. Good stove, Tight house, NICE DAY!!!! And another one tomorrow. (I'm SO SORRY Dick!) :)

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