Sunday, November 19, 2006


I received a letter from Tim yesterday and he was talking about the work that they are doing with Dept of Natural Resources. He says that he is getting used to the saw, that at first he was worn out using it because it is so big, but he caught on quick, and found that if he left the saw to do the work, it was a lot easier. They are way up in the Hoh Rain forest, thinning trees and cleaning up roads and windfall.
Tim says he feels really funny about cutting down trees in a National forest, but the DNR tells him that it needs to be done to protect the forests. They practice replenishment thinning, in that they take out only those that are diseased or too close to each other. They have to leave 12 trees in 100 feet, and the thirteenth they can take down as long as it is as big as his helmet. (at least I think that is what he said) He said that some of those trees are so big that if they were stumps, he could lay down and stretch and still not hang over the edge, and he is 6'5 with LOOONG arms too. SO those trees have to be awesome. He is loving his work there.

He is also starting to get the classes and treatment that he has requested , so he feels so much better about things now. I sure hope this works! Being a mother is sure the shits sometimes!

Donna came home for the first time in several months! Has not been home since the floors were finished. And naturally, I had not cleaned house, so she did not get to see it in it's best light. But it still was fine. She was impressed! New floors and carpets really do help make a house look nice!

I have to crawl under the house tomorrow, if I can anyway. I have a rat as big as a horse living and gnawing under my utility room. That sucker is LOUD! SO I bought some stuff guaranteed to kill them, that I have to nail in place on their run, and away from the pets. Then I guess I have to put up with the stink of decaying rat bodies until they are fully returned to the elements. YUCK!!

I Know, If I would quit feeding the birds and squirrels, the rats would go away, but I LIKE to watch the wildlife. I was even fine with the RATS until they started chewing and making noise, then I said ENOUGH!! You would think with a house full of cats that they would not want to live anywhere around here, but they are not threatened enough I guess. HMMMMM Maybe I should throw Lint and Loki under the house, close up the crawl space entry and not feed them. That should take care of the problem huh? HMMMMMMm Here Kitty, kitty...


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