Monday, October 22, 2007


When we leave the island,to go to the mainland, we either drive up to the bridge and drive around, or we take the Clinton/Mukilteo Ferry.

It can be a real fun time during windy weather. THe windstorm we had last Thursday stopped the Keystone Ferry, but it is too critical to stop the Clinton Ferry. So they push the cars back towards the middle of the ferry and then just let

Leading up to this shot, the ferry took on a series of waves and the bow of the ferry was on the way back down when it met this wave. The car deck went under as the wave hit and is on the way back out of the water in this picture. the captain changed course right after taking these waves. This was the last ferry they ran at full capacity, after this run they added a 3rd ferry and ran them ½ empty.

It can really be an adventure around here when it is stormy!!

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