Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well as you can tell, I have (had) no power. The first good fall storm of the season blew in today around 100, with a POW! winds were to be expected to be between 25-50 MPH with gusts up to 60. I had no power so I dont know what they finally came in at.

I drove down to the beach and watched the waves come right up from the Hood Canal and smack right into Admiralty Inlet and our beach! THe winds are always the strongest right here, as they come around the Olympics from the South, and squeeze between the Olypic Penninsula and the Kitsap Penninsula and gain strength. THey close the Hood Canal Bridge down so it won't sink again.

Then I drove down to the Keystone Ferry Landing, and watched the waves crash over the top of the jetty. THe Ferry was stopped over on the Pt. TOwnsend side, because it is calmer and protected over there.

My power came back on just a few minutes ago, so I am hurrying to post this before the NEXT storm due in tomorrow, hits us.

I need all of you to please put my Baby brother in your thoughts, as he is going in for Cancer surgery Tomorrow, and he has a really bad feeling about this. I went over today and hugged him hard, gave him a pocket angel and told him I loved him. I have loved him since the day he was born, I wanted a brother so bad! I was 10 when he was born. I raised him until I left Home. so for thirteen years, He was my baby!

Phyllis and Sherry are taking him down tomorrow, and I will go on Sunday when he is conscious again. THis is gonna be a long haul for him. There is a mass in his abdominal cavity, and they are removing it and looking at it about 11:00 AM.


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