Monday, October 29, 2007

A LATE full moon....

This is late, but blogger was giving me hell and not letting it post until today.

I first noticed the full moon last Wednesday when it really looked full, but was not in totality. Then THursday evening at dusk, I drove in to prairie Center to get some groceries, and as I got out of the car, I looked over my shoulder towards the East, and saw the really large full moon just climbng over the tops of the trees about 5 miles away. It was Bright, and a beautiful golden color. The night was COLD, and we were expecting frost later that night. THe air was full of moisture, and you could see your breath, and the breath of the warm earth as it exhaled. The fog was forming along the bottom of the swales, and fingers of light mist were making their way over the tops of the low areas, and heading across the field like live ghosts.

I just stood there and watched the moon, and the fields and then I turned to the west just in time to see the many colors of dark dark mauve turn into navy blue, and complete the cycle of colors and light that the sun brings with it. It was after all the Moon's turn to take the stage.

This was called the Hunter's Moon. Maybe that was before there were laws about hunting after dark. It surely did light up the earth, so that seeing without a flashlight was not a problem. I like to drive down the back roads with my lights off, looking at all the animals that are out there safe and snug in their knowledge that they cant be seen. (HA!!) I had to be careful, because it is illegal to drive with no lights, not to mention dangerous. I was watching far down the road and could see well ahead of any cars that may be coming our way. Lots of deer, and rabbits and only one coyote!

I made it home and went out on the back deck to wait for the Moon to make it over the tops of the Alders. THey are only about 80 feet away, so the moon is fairly high in the sky before it is seen in my back yard. By the time I could see it fully, it was getting really nippy out, and Sadie was wanting in. So I watched it for a few minutes more then went on in.

I Love to reflect on Full moons. I have always felt a strong pull to it, not in a lunatic way, but in an Awe-inspiring way. Almost like I know that it really was once a part of the Earth. Maybe in another life I lived on that chunk that is now ever so slowly escaping the pull of earth's gravity. It will be a really long time before it finally zooms off into the sun like another asteroid, and none of us or our kind will be here to see it. Maybe I study the moon so that I can imprint it into my genes for future generations of whatever comes after us to know.


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