Sunday, October 28, 2007

well SHIT!!!

I have been having computer problems...Every time I open my internet connection, I get an application hang, and I have to start all the way over. I went through last night and did a PC=Cillin scan, then a scan to check for spyware adaware. and thought that would speed things up, then I upgraded to IE7 which did not help anything either.

Just now I tried three times to load a picture on my blog, and kept coming up with some error from blogger, which it would not let me copy and save or redirect to their trouble desk. SO that was a useless hour! I actually sat down here three times this weekend to post a nice piece of writing, and each time got interupted. SO today, after Bob had left for the day, I turned on the CD player, popped in Mozart's REQUIEM, and Gorecki's Symphony No 3 Symphony of Sorrowful Songs and was ready to compose.

I had a nice roaring fire going in the woodstove, the animals were all settled in and I was ready. ANd then I got interupted AGAIN!!

So the moon theme and the fall theme that I was going to write will just have to wait until another time when I can upload the full moon, and thus reflect on it while I write. Until then sit back and listen to some wonderfully powerful music interspersed with Dawn Upshaw's beautiful soprano voice. It will do your heart good.
It has mine.

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