Wednesday, October 31, 2007

update on the Baby Brother...

I took him in today and we only saw the surgeon, and then he was refered to the oncology clinic for Chemo..

It is bad, but not hopeless...It is an adrenocarcinoma, which started on his apendix and then grew from there. It is tons of little cells like bubbles growing everywhere.

WORST CASE is the tumor can say UH UH no chemical cocktails here, and grow agressively, and then he might have 6-9 months, but the Dr does not think that will happen. He THINKS that the Chemo will retard the growth, and then MAY just stall there for awhile. It will Never go away, but it could buy him YEARS!

I came away feeling full of hope, Mike on the otherhand thinks of it as a death sentence, and is very negative, so we have to get him through that and the treatments. (He is a guy, and you KNOW how they do pain and sickness!!) So we have our work cut out for us!

I really appreciate the kind words and the prayers. THey all help.

As soon as I know for sure what the treatments are going to be, I will start a blog on him for those that are interested. I will post it here so you can follow him at your leisure.

Now I have to go pull the curtains shut, turn off the porch lights, get the cat in, and hibernate until the little brats are through trick or treating. (Yeah, Im the Halloween GRINCH!!)

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