Friday, March 02, 2007

Spring snow...

Yesterday we woke up to 2" of white. More last night, and COLD! I love a good spring snow! it falls so silently, and makes everything so peaceful! The birds were having an absolute field day at the feeders too. One little Oregon Junco was taking a snow bath in the bird bath that was over full of fluffy white snow flakes. He was spreading his wings and flapping them back and forth almost as if he was playing in it. Making Snow Angels! It was so neat to just sit there and watch him play!

TOday I woke up and looked out at the feeder and it was COVERED with redwing Black birds. THey are so musical with their voice. Almost as if they were gargling musical notes. I hung my first hummingbird feeder out last week, but as of yet, no hummers. They are late this year. I ususally have them by February 25.

Sadie jumped up on the bed, ran right up on top of me laying on my stomach, and perched on my back and shoulders watching the wildlife also. There is a family of deer that have found Lea's yard a peaceful place to graze. 2 yearlings and a doe. Sadie went ballistic, barking and jumping in the window trying to get to them, but all she did was make me mad, and get booted out of the room.

THe snow that was falling when I put Sadie out, has all disappeared now. So I guess we are due for our first SPRING storm of wind and rain. THe trees are all bursting with leaves, and the roses are sprouting. THe bulbs I finally got into the ground last week still have not popped above the soil line. I do not expect them to this year, but they MIGHT put up leaves and gain energy for NEXT year. If not...ah well.

I very well may be out of touch for awhile, as I need to get my computer into John at THE COMPUTER CLINIC, for an overhaul. I am hoping that he will be able to re-partition my hard drive, and put in the new modem and get me up and running fairly fast. I will have my lap top, but Everytime I try to blog from it, I end up hitting the wrong key somewhere and erasisng my posts! It is some button down under my left pinkie finger, but since there are several of them down there, I am not sure which one it is.

THe weather has been severly cranky this week, so I hope that all of you are safe and secure, and do not know of anyone that was injured in Alabama or Georgia. I need to email Wanda, and make sure she is ok, as it is really close to her home town. REALLY close. and FLAX and JOE also. TAKE CARE AND TAKE COVER!

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