Tuesday, March 06, 2007

By George, I think it's spring!

We have broken records today for warm temps! The sun actually came out and when I went to check the mail, the breeze had a warm feel to it. Lea's Plum tree is putting out white buds, which will soon be blooms and that means TONS of PLUMS!

The tulips are up about 8 inches now, and the RObins and Varied Thrushes are pulling worms up out of the lawn! Whoo-HOO!! Spring!!! I am really ready!!!

I went to Aquarobics again last night, and this time I actually swam a lap. Just one, and I was so out of breath that I thought I was going to die! I swam over to the edge and just hung there until I could breathe again. Then I did the full hour of arobics. It felt soooo good too. I think I am going to start going on Wednesday's also. I wear a tee shirt and cutoff's until my suit gets here. Now I need to get a pair of shoes to wear around the pool and in the shower.

We follow the young girls swim team, and we have to shower before we go in, and the shower was full of young girls, all sudsy and shampoo was running all over the floor. I stepped in and gingerly walked up to the shower head, and this tiny little girl ran in and bumped me and I went sliding!! She was so rude, and did not even say excuse me. THANK GOD I did not fall, that would have been the end of my knees.

I am still trying to get ahold of John to get my Computer in and fixed, today I started trying to get on line at 1030 this morning, and it is now 400 and I JUST got on. I am going to post first and then try blogwalking. Who knows how far I will get.

Come back, I should only be gone a week or so...I HOPE!

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