Tuesday, March 13, 2007

She's BAAACK.....

Well I have my computer back, all cleaned up and spiffy, but unfortunately the CRAP DIAL-UP is still kicking me off line every time I go deeper into a site. Took me 6 tries to get blogger to open to let me post! John said my Modem was fine! It worked without ever getting kicked off at his shop! SO now, I have had the phone line checked for noise, at a cost of 75.00, I have had a NEW line installed at a cost of 175.00, I have had my computer overhauled at a cost of over 100.oo and I STILL CANT HOOK UP!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

As much as I love living in the boondocks, and watching the wild life, I so hate being in the boondocks away from the modern conveniences like DSL, or CABLE!! I was told I could get a satellite at a mere cost of only 120.oo a MONTH! but I told them I was not made of money! THe highway is 100 yards right through the woods over there<<<<<< and Comcast runs right down the highway, but it can NOT come into the development because Millenium Digital Media has the area. ARRGGHHH!! There are over 300 homes here, and we have mostly all switched from MDM to Dish or Directtv because their cable was so crappy, but they still hang on to it.

I have to go get my sister and take her into the Hospital for an upper GI Scope, so when I get back this evening I will visit with ya'll and catch up on what you all were doing while I was gone.

Still no news from Leslie though...:( Maybe Canadian Health Care isn't as good as we thought....

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