Tuesday, March 20, 2007

OHMIGAWD!!! It is good!

THe other night after aquarobics, Something made me stop in at ARBY's and there on the menu was the new item

Philly steak flatbread melt.

It is sooooo good! I had to smell it all the way home, and That just made it that much more tasty!

I know that going to aquarobics and then to ARBY's is'nt the smartest thing in the world, but I am not going for weight reduction. I am going to strengthen the muscles in my lower back and my hips and legs, so that I can get out and walk again. I can't even walk 1/2 a block anymore, with out my back collapsing. I do NOT want to be wheelchair bound, and I am really close. SO it is aquarobics 3 times a week, until I can walk around the block, then I will walk around the block every night until I can walk without hurting too bad then I will kick it up a notch and walk a mile. then 3 miles, then 3 miles every other day, and then 3 miles every day until I get my weight back down to at least pre-retirement weight, which was not that low. But baby steps is all I want right now.

I want to walk again!

Might walk to ARBY's for a philly steak flatbread melt......

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