Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weird weather!!!

You have read about our unusually cold and wet spring...record snow fall in the mountains, and just three weeks ago we had snow and record cold down here at sea-level.

Last Friday we had record hot temperatures up in the 90's, and actually a whole day of SUNSHINE!! It was WONDERFUL!! then the High moved onshore, and allowed another Low to move onshore. RIght now it is cloudy, rainy and only 48 degrees out. THe wind has a bite to it, and once again I am freezing. THe weather reports have the winds coming in off the strait at 35 MPH! It is picking up here right now, and naturally because tomorrow is trash day, it will be blowing like HELL! either the trashcans will blow over before the trash truck cometh, or it will wait until after they have gone by which means I will have to chase my cans down the street, figure out whose cans were in MY yard, and then find the lids! I actually found my can, lid intact, sitting on the porch of a house in the next block!

Both of my children made it home on Sunday!! I cooked the other half of the 20 lb prime rib roast that Bob got for our CHristmas dinner. He gets a really good deal from one of his friends every year, so I cook half of it for Christmas dinner and freeze the other half for when-ever! SO I bribed them with roast beef and rhubarb cobbler. It worked! TIm came in Saturday night, and got the lawnmower ready for mowing, and then spent 3 hours mowing the grass that was (I kid you NOT) 14" high! He did such a great job of holding his temper back. Normally he would be cussing a blue streak at the number of times that the mower got clogged! I am sooooo proud of him!! Now if he can only make it back next weekend to mow it again, it should be fine for a week or two.

Donna brought her wheel and we sat out on the back deck and she spun, and I talked! It was a really nice day.

Bob and I went in to Mt. Vernon on Saturday, and noticed the LACK of cars in the parking lots at the mall. Either the weather had them all at the beach, or the economy has them with no money, or the price of gas has them staying home.

(I shall be right back!)

Ok, slight pause to get rid of a cup of coffee!

From Thursday through last night the news reports have been warning people about staying OFF the rivers during the hot spell, as the snow melt in the mountains was filing them to capacity and the river currents were very strong. The water temperature was extremely cold also, and thus made the waters very dangerous! regardless of all the warnings, there were at 9 people that died in the currents without life jackets. and one family was saying the government should have done more to keep people off the water.

PEOPLE!!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!! YOU CAN NOT MAKE THE ENTIRE WORLD SAFE FROM IDIOTS!!! If you chose to go on the rivers after all of the warnings were posted and it was on all of the radios, then no one should be blamed but YOU!!! In FACT you should be charged for the cost of the rescue/recovery efforts! I just dont understand people. I wont go in the water at ALL unless I can see the bottom, and then only when I am trying to get my fishing line out a little further. Why are there some who believe that the GOVERNMENT should be responsible for your entire conduct? EGADS!!! Use the brain that your creator gave you!!

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