Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have been so lazy lately. Not really, because I have been doing things that needed to be done, but I am sleeping a LOT! I wake up refreshed, so maybe I just need the sleep! I have been swimming, 2 hours 3 times a week, so I am getting my excerise. I also have actually putzed in my yard, cleaned the deck, planted some pots of herbs and petunias, weeded a barrel full of weeds,(Nothing in the barrel but potting soil and weeds) and have finished two unfinished projects for my daughter! I finally finished her Christmas present. From LAST year... ( I KNOW, I Know...BAD Mommie) I made her some stitch counters for her knitting needles. I always just used those little colorful plastic rings, but Now-a-days they have these cute little charms on them, so I made her two sets of them. CUTE!

I also finshed her shawl. She is a Study COordinator for a Bio-Tech Lab and she under airconditioning all day and her shoulders get cold. She wears a sweater, but they are constricting, so I used the Wool that she spun and gave to me, to make her a trinagle shaped over the shoulders shawl. I then beaded it, so it is really pretty. And just perfect for Ms Granola!

I finished updating the archive scrapbook for the Playhouse, and now I am trying to finish a throw I have been working on for awhile. Still have not finished my quilt, But that is next. THen on to more for SHerry, and then for my kids. I need to get my sister's back to her. I borrowed it back to use as a reference and still have it!! Bad Sister!!

Spring and summer arrived here last weekend, with weather clear and sunny and warm, Temps in the high 70-80's F., but now we are back to cold, wet, gray and windy. I think we have seen our summer weather. I hope not, but I have the heater on right now, and I do not have faith that it will get much warmer.

Around here Lilacs bloom in April, THe Rhodies bloom in May and the Roses bloom in June. But this year EVERYTHING is in bloom at the same time!!! Every bush is gorgeous and the Blooms are big and plentiful. I have been stopping by the cemetery and grabbing a big bouquet of Lilacs off the many bushes they have there. My house smells so good!!! Alas, THey are fading now, and the roses are popping, so I will have to switch vases and places to swipe flowers! (I asked first!)

I am sitting here eating a great big bowl of cantelope and red grapes. I know I will be sorry later on this evening, and will have to stay close to home, but they taste so good!! I have been craving some relitively inexpensive fruit. Grab it while you can...Lord knows the price on it will go up soon also.

I have a backyard full of all kinds of birds this year. Just lots and lots of them. I am shooing away the starlings though, as they are noisy, messy and greedy!! and they chase away the smaller birds. SHOO!!!

I Have seen Lola off and on lately, not daily, as she has had babies, judging by her little titties, so she just pops in and eats when she feels safe, and I assume, the babies are sleeping. The Big Grey squirrel is back also. I call her Susie! And George and Gracie, the Band tailed pidgeons have arrived too. Goldfinch in flocks, house finches and house sparrows galore and brown headed cowbirds. I have Evening grosbeaks, and black headed grosbeaks, and red cross-bills, and towhees and nuthatches. Busy little feeder!! I use predominately black oil sunflower seeds, but I do put out mixed bird snack, and peanut suet blocks for the woodpeckers.

Gotta run, Sadie wants in...Stay safe, all of you in tornado alley!!!

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Granny Annie said...

Thanks for the well-wishes for those of us in tornado alley. We're sure seeing lots of tornado, rain, wind damage all around us.

Talking about fruit -- our grandkids ate so man apples when they were here, we thought we were heading straight for the poor house. Also, have you tried Athena Cantelope? They are the giant cantelope and are delicious.

I'm trying so hard to get my exercise going again. Once I get started there is no stopping me, but it's that getting started bit that keeps me on the couch.