Thursday, May 22, 2008


I am going to quit watching TV!! After watching all of the season finales this week I am so exasperated. First I watch CSI MIAMI and watch Horatio get shot be his son's stepfather and lay there on the tarmac dying, while Wolf receives an email that says it is done! ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

Then i watch NCIS for 2hours to find out that Director Jenny is shot, and we assumed killed. and then at the end the new DIrector fires Ziva, and reassigns Dinozzo and Mcgee to shit assignments and hands Gibbs three new file folders for three new team members.

Then I watch Criminal Minds and watch as the entire BAU team climbs into different black SUV's and then watch as ONE of them gets blown to bits...AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH even again!!

THEN I watch the season finale of SHARK, to find out that his nemisis may get off, and then I check the fall line up and find NO SHARK listed!!! DOUBLE DAMN ARRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!

Last night I watched the season finale of CSI NY and watch as Taylor drives off with a gun pointed at his head and a psycho in the backseat.

C'MON CBS!!! You cant do that to me. DOnt kill off my favorite characters and then cancel the show! I missed CSI Las Vegas so I am not sure what happened there but it cant be good!!

I also watch Tonight with Jay Leno to hear that he is being replaced by that IDIOT CONAN OBRIEN! Well I guess NBC has lost the one show that I watch on NBC, I will have to switch to Dave Letterman. I HATE CONAN OBRien!!

I gave up on soap operas YEARS ago because I could not stand the suspense. SO now I am hooked on shows that hold over for 3 months!! It was bad enough that we had to wait through the writer's strike, Now we have to wait through SUMMER!

THe only saving grace is There seems to be several new shows for the summer that look pretty good.

I also HATE the way the networks move the shows around. You have to consult a TVguide in order to find out what time your show is on. Try finding a TV GUide anymore. ChEEEEERIST!!!

Now to make matters worse, I have DISH Network, and it isnt listed in our local paper. THe networks are, but try and find out what time the HISTORY channel is really on, depends on your time zone. EGADS!!!!

Wish I could write to the networks and have them actually SEE the email. All I ever get is an automated response!! Seems like they just dont care what I think.

Damn Media!!!

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