Sunday, May 11, 2008

AH Well!!!!

So Tim had to work today! figures....

HE is working at a shipyard, painting a Ferry, and they have to get it done, so they are working 10 hour days, 7 days a week. DOUBLE time on Sunday, so he went for the money. I guess I cant blame him. So I was planning just a quiet dinner with DOnna, and my sister called and said she and Sherry and Mike would be here around 3:00 for dinner. ????? ok.

So now I have to clean house and go back to the store and get the ingredients for Chili Rellenos. I make them better than any I have found in any Restaurant. We got the recipe from a little hole in the wall restaurant in Chula Vista California in 1953. And there are none better in my opinion. SO I will be cooking dinner for the family.

It appears that we just MIGHT be getting SPRING this week. It poured last night as a cold front came through, and the wind blew, and beat the rain in through the open window into my face. This morning it is clear, and Sunny, and almost WARM! It should reach the 70's this week!! That is 20C I think...or close. maybe.

So what are you doing with your incentive check? are you stimulating the ecomony or paying bills? Mine is all going on Dr bills from last September. Even with insurance I still owe almost 4000.00!! WHEW!!! This really hurts, I can not imagine what people with NO insurance do. Whomever we elect this year, had better have Universal Health care on their front burner and turned up really high. I am getting warmed up for another rant, so bare with me until I get there. We have got to get our population educated to VOTE! We cant have a true Democracy if those who feel their vote doesnt count for anything DONT VOTE! They may not agree with my politics, but they need to be heard!!

Are you registered to vote? GET'ER DONE!!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's out there.

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