Thursday, May 08, 2008


Tim got released Monday at 8:00 and I had to get up early to go get him. (GRRRRR....I sleep LATE in the morning....) I picked him up at 830 and headed home. I asked him as we started off if he was through. He said yes, and I said "take a deeeeep breath. Now remember what it feels like, as that is FREEDOM and only YOU can take that away from you." He got a silly grin on his face and agreed. We came home, checked in with his Probation Officer, and then he headed for the Garage, cleaned that up and unloaded his van. It has been sitting in my driveway for 2 1/2 years, fully loaded with Lord knows what all. Even Tim did not know, as he didn't load it, his friend did. SO he unloaded it all into the nicely cleaned garage, and washed all of his clothes.

Tuesday we did a dump run, and got rid of all the shit that he didnt want, and the old stove and water heater that has been sitting in the front of my house for two years. He took his flat tires into Les Schwab and had them fixed, and then came home and started his van. I just KNEW it would not run. But it started right up and coughed a bit, and ran just beautifully! I am surprised as it is a pile of JUNK!

Yesterday we went to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, and paid his district court fines, then went and got his drivers license back. THen we headed to Dept of Licensing and got new plates for the bucket of bolts, and came on back home. He got into his van and drove it down the highway to see how good the brakes were. Mushy, but they work...sorta. (EGADS)

So now, My SOn has a new start on hopefully a clean and sober life. He realizes just how much this past ten years has cost him in Money, in possesions, and in reputation. He is ready to fend off the Demons, and is determined not to repeat. He says the worst part is the lure of the REALLY EASY money that can be made by dealing. I had NO IDEA how prevelant drugs, especially METH, is in society. I have watched all the documentaries on Meth-anphetamines, but I guess I am a pollyanna because Tim says it is EVERYWHERE!!! he even pointed out to me where he thought Meth houses were. (PLEASE LORD KEEP HIM STRAIGHT!)

We had a long talk, and I feel pretty sure that he has his head on straight right now, and that he will be fine.

If any of you have kids on drugs, PRAY LIKE HELL THAT THEY GET ARRESTED!!! and DO NOT BAIL THEM OUT. let them serve their sentences. TIm says he is glad he got caught and went to prison, because he did not realize how out of control he was.

I guess I am glad I did not know also. It would have KILLED me.

This Mother's Day will be the first time in almost 30 years that both of my kids will be HOME!!! I cant wait.

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