Monday, November 12, 2007

More wind...

Well the storm system that three days ago was slated to miss us and go straight into Vancouver Island, changed course ever so slightly, and slammed into Washington State last night. Wind gusts of over 60MPH were hitting Whidbey, And Power is out all over the COunty. I guess I was lucky as I have power. It went off during the night, because everything was blinking, but it was on when I woke up. THe wind was surely whipping when I went to bed last night though.

I love to lay in my bed, all snuggled in and listen to the wind roar around me. I know that my house is snug and secure, and there are no trees within damage distance, so I say let 'er RIP!

I woke up around 900 this morning, with rain coming in the open window above my head, and hitting me in the face. The wind was coming from the SSE which is rare for this spot, usually it is straight up the Hood Canal, which is SSW from my house. actually more S than anything. But this day's wind is coming from everywhere.

Bellingham reported gusts over 97 MPH and Clallam Bay had 92MPH. I looked on my local weather page and the highest gusts we had were 61 MPH around 800 this morning.
THe worst is due to hit sometime between now and 4PM, but It looks fairly calm out there to me. MAybe our worst is over.

Sadie and Lint did not want to go out and pottie, so I had to throw them both out, and watched while Sadie ran out peed and ran back to the door. What a wussie Puppy!

I need to go bring in another wheel barrow of wood to dry out, just in case the power does go out and the air gets cold. SO wish me luck, I am venturing out the front door to the wood pile....

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