Saturday, November 10, 2007


This is Purrpumpkin...he is ready for adoption at the agency in Calgary, AB. I was over visiting with Leslie and Carl mentioned that Bilbo was getting some new cat toys, and had a link to the place that sold them. You all know what a SUCKER I am for kittens. SO I went and looked at their site, and at all the cats/kittens they have up for adoption. Purrpumpkin caught my eye, and I am in Love...AGAIN. It is just a really good thing that Calgary is at least a two days drive from Coupeville, not to mention I do not have my Passport yet. So I guess Purrpumpkin will just have to be satisfied to go to another home. I really think Carl and Leslie should run right down and adopt him. It will give Bilbo a kid to raise and give Leslie something to do with her now so boring life. (LOLOLOL)

My baby boy kitten, Schroeder, is now a teenager, and if he doesnt start minding his manners, he is getting pitched out to play with the coyotes! Noe I really would not do that to him, but believe me it is tempting. Last night he brought me a present and deposited it on the book I was reading in bed...a big GREEPY black spider! Wow mommie can sure move fast when she has to! Schroeder got a lesson in bed time manners. You can lay on Mommies book, you can butt her head with yours, you can oh so cutely lay in front of her to purr while she reads, but you CAN NOT BRING HER SPIDERS OR BUGS! Once the crisis was over and the spider smashed all over the wall, I went back to reading my book, and he came out from under the bed and oh so prettily pranced up tp the head of the bed, and lay down between my book and the wall, so I could pet him to sleep and read at the same time. Little boys do still need their mommies at times. Especially when they know they are in trouble.

HMMMM, I sure wish I could afford to go adopt purrpumpkin. Carl, you need to go get him for Bilbo!!

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