Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another Grey Drippy Sunday...

I woke up this morning, to drip, drip, drip right over my head. My gutters are clogged, and instead of going down the drain pipe, the rain was dripping right on to the bird feeder right outside my window. DIdn't stop the birds though, They were all clinging to the sides and pecking away at the suet. Schroeder was sitting half on my head and half on the pillow, watching them. It was dark and dreary out and all I wanted to do was pull the cover over my head and go back to sleep.

Sadie had other ideas though, so I had to get up and let her out to pee, SHe had to go really bad, but she did not want to get out there and get her tushie wet in the tall grass. I grabbed her by her collar and drug her out. THen the cats wanted to be fed, then I had to make a pot of coffee, cause Bob was bringing the Seattle Times and the New York Times over to read. SIGH!!! No sleeping in for me.

I made a batch of gingersnaps last night for Mike, as those are his favorite cookie, and had them in a tupperware bowl to take over, and When Bob came over he found them and ate Mike's cookies! THe ones I had left out for him were the not so pretty ones, and those he left on the cupboard. I called and left a message for Mike to come get them, but so far he has not.

THanks to all of you who helped me figure out the sidebar book thingie, But Bill showed me the link, and voila! There it is. It is a little confusing though because it said I was not logged in and I thought I was. Oh well, I made it. Now let's see how much money I get from Amazon!! (Yeah RIGHT!)

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